short animated film
written by iulia rugină, ana agopian, oana răsuceanu
directed by dan panaitescu, iulia rugină, dragoş ştefan
executive producer dragoş ştefan
produced by mobra film
coproduced by dsg

with the support of:
romanian national film centre

producer: cristian mungiu
co-producer: dragoş ştefan

Skugos is a perfect mountain town where the sun never comes down and people never laugh. Until one day…Mr. Q discovers laughter and sets off on a journey to find the place where day is day, night is night and people feel the same.

Iulia Rugină graduated the Theatre and Film Academy in Bucharest as film director in 2006 as well as master on film directing at the same university in 2011. She has directed 11 short and medium length films – for most of them being co-writer – which have been screened in over 50 festivals and film events in 13 countries. Her first feature as director, Love Building (2013), was awarded in several festivals and the release in cinemas in the country was a great box office success.

Dragoș Ștefan is animation producer and director, visual effects supervisor partner, creative director and CEO of DSG Visual Effects & Animation, Bucharest, Cluj
He is working on projects in Romania as well as abroad, many of them being internationally awarded
THE TEMPTRESS – medium feature, live-action mixed with animation, directed by David Kinsella – animation producer
SOMEWHERE IN PALILULA – feature film, directed by Silviu Purcarete, produced by Libra Film –VFX producer and supervisor
OF SNAILS AND MEN – feature film, directed by Tudor Giurgiu, produced by Libra Film – VFX producer
CRULIC, THE PATH TO BEYOND – animated feature, directed by Anca Damian, produced by apArte Film – animation producer, team coordinator, concept, animation, VFX, compositing

2012 – ANNECY – Crystal Prize (Best feature)
2011 – COTTBUS – Special Mention Of The Jury

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, Part I – feature, directed by David Yates. Animated sequence The Tale of Three Brothers, directed by Ben Hibon, Framestore Commercials London – VFX Technical director
THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF NICOLAE CEAUSESCU – feature, written and directed by Andrei Ujica – film title design & production, promotional package & film branding supervision
URSUL – feature, directed by Dan Chișu – VFX producer & supervisor
TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE – collective episodic feature, written by Cristian Mungiu, directed by Cristian Mungiu, Ioana Uricaru, Hanno Höfer, Constantin Popescu, Răzvan Mărculescu
–       film title design & production, promotional package & film branding art direction & production supervision;
–      visual effects supervisor;
–      DVD menu design & animation, DVD authoring & production, DVD package art direction & production supervision
4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS – feature, written and directed by Cristian Mungiu
–      film title design & production, color grading consulting, promotional package & film branding art direction & production supervision