Nae Caranfil, director of films like Filantropica, The Rest is Silence and Asphalt Tango, returns on the big screen with 6,9 on the Richter Scale, a comedy with musical accents which marks also the first time when Nae Caranfil signs not only the script and the direction, but also the soundtrack: music and lyrics. The leading roles are played by Laurențiu Bănescu, Maria Obretin, Teodor Corban and Simona Arsu. Produced by Mobra Films, 6,9 on the Richter Scale will be released in the cinemas in Romania  on 20th January 2017.

Nae Caranfil: „It could have been a terrible drama about clinical depression, earthquakes and old age. Instead, it came out a comedy about all these things which eventually turns into a musical… I’ve started from the ideea of father/son relationship, where the father is young and the son is old. Meaning that the father has a juvenile behavior, almost like a teenager, while the son has lots of problems facing the middle age crisis.”