episodic and collective feature film2009, distributed as two distinct films
written by cristian mungiu and hanno höfer

Tales from the Golden Age consists of six different short stories happening in the same historical period and following the same narrative pattern.
The screenplays have, as starting point, Romanian urban legends from the late communist period – popular and sometimes humoresque stories believed to be true.
Comic, bizarre, surprising, these myths drew on the often surreal events of everyday life under the communist regime. Humor is what kept Romanians alive, and Tales from the Golden Age aims to re-capture that mood, portraying the survival of a nation having to face every day the twisted logic of a dictatorship.
The last 15 years of Nicolae Ceauşescu’s regime were the worst in Romania’s history. Nonetheless, the propaganda machine of that time referred without fail to that period as The Golden Age.

Tales from the Golden Age  –  part 2 – Love after hours
directed by cristian mungiu
cinematography oleg mutu
cast vlad ivanov, liliana mocanu, tania popa, diana cavallioti, radu iacoban, costache babii
producers oleg mutu & cristian mungiu
produced by mobra film

  • Premiere at Cannes International Film Festival 2009/ Un Certain Regard
  • Screened in more than 28 festivals – Sarajevo, London, Munich, Morelia/ Mexico, Warsaw, Goa/ India, Rotterdam, Toronto, Prague, New York, Stockholm, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi
  • The film wassold in more than 25 territories
  • The Romanian film having the biggest box office and the highest audience in  2009 in Romania

The legend of air sellers
In Romania of the 80ies, Bughi and Crina play Bonnie and Clyde robbing people of bottled air.
The legend of the chicken driver
A professional driver decides to open his sealed truck for the first time in his career and finds out there is a connection between eggs, Easter and marital love.