written by Didi Danquart, Cristi Puiu, Răzvan Rădulescu
directed by Didi Danquart
cinematography by Johann Feindt
cast Alexandra Maria Lara, Felix Klare, Răzvan Vasilescu
producer Noir Film Gmbh / Germany, 2006
associate producer Mobra Film
coproducers Integral Film/ Germany, C- Films AG/ Zwitzerland, Unlimited/ France
world premiere: Berlinale 2007


Bucharest 2005. Stefan, a young German engineer, comes to Romania to install a new offset machine in the printing shop of Nicu Iorga. There he meets Brânduşa, Iorga’s attractive Romanian interpreter and assistant, and falls in love with her. Everything is going just fine between the two of them: they plan to get married in Bucharest before leaving to live in Germany. Stefan’s parents and sister arrive in Bucharest in order to celebrate the wedding with them. But what Stefan doesn’t know is that Brânduşa has had a long relationship with Iorga, and Iorga is dead set on preventing the wedding from taking place. He starts by criticizing Stefan’s installation of the offset machine and begins to sabotage his work. Worse still, at dinner Stefan’s parents aren’t getting along at all with Brânduşa’s father, Mr. Herghelegiu: cultural differences lead from one mishap to the next, and Brânduşa isn’t even there to translate, because she is off trying to deal with Iorga. The next morning at the marriage office, Iorga confronts Brânduşa with an existential decision…

site oficial : www.offset-derfilm.de
trailer : offset


offset - alexandra maria lara 2