feature film, world premiere Berlinale 2005
producer ICON FILM/ Germany, 2004
Initiator and co-production
relations – a project initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

Artistic leadership Nikolaj Nikitin

In co-production with
ART FEST – Sofia
ART & POPCORN – Belgrade
DEBLOKADA – Sarajevo
MOBRA FILMS – Bucharest
NUKUFILM – Tallinn

directed by
Mait Laas,
Cristian Mungiu, Nadejda Koseva, Jasmila Žbanić, Kornél Mundruczó, Stefan Arsenijević

Lost and Found is a film project for which six young filmmakers from Eastern Europe have each created a short film. The project is based on the idea that the sense of a common bond determined by belonging to a generation, and so reaching out beyond national borders, opens up new perspectives on traditions, history and one’s personal experience. Young directors, amongst the most talented of their respective country of origin, were then invited to tell their very personal “generation story”. A full-length film has developed out of the six short films – five of the films (four short films and a short documentary) are tied together visually and dramatically by an independent animation story.

Turkey girl– short film part of Lost and Found project
writen and directed by Cristian Mungiu
cinematography Oleg Mutu
cast Ana Ularu, Valentin Popescu, Luminiţa Gheorghiu

In this small mountain village, Tatiana spends a lot of time talking to her turkey. She now tries to teach him the difference between a square and a circle. But before his training is over they have to leave in their first trip to the big town.

site oficial : www.projekt-relations.de

Poster lost and found