<<BUCHAREST: After Beyond the Hills (2012) Cristian Mungiu’s new project will deal with parenting and focus on a male character. The producer/writer/director hopes to shoot it in 2015 “Ideally while there are still leaves on the trees”, he told FNE.

The project received a production grant of 429,909 EUR/1.91 m RON from the National Film Center at the beginning of 2015, the highest funding for a feature film in that session. “It’s too early to talk about the budget. Ideally, it would be between 1.5 and 2m EUR…” Mungiu told FNE. Mungiu applied for funding through his company Mobra Films with the title Family Photos/Fotografii de familie. However, he doesn’t like this title, fearing it may mislead the audience. The director already has a first draft but is currently rewriting it.

This is the only funding the project has so far, but Mungiu told FNE that he hopes to work with the partners he had for Beyond the Hills. That means the film will be probably coproduced by Why Not with Wild Bunch as sales agent.>>