<<Nae Caranfil’s film dominated the ninth edition of the ceremony.

Closer to the Moon,the latest film directed by Romanian director Nae Caranfil, was the big winner of the Gopo Awards gala – Romania’s film industry annual prizes –  organized on Monday evening, March 30, at the National Theatre in Bucharest.

Closer to the Moon won a total of nine awards, including the three most important trophies of the evening: Best Film, Best Director and Best Script. It also landed the awards for Best Editing, Best Makeup and Best Hairdresser, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Original Music and Best Costumes.

The movie, featuring international stars such as British actor Mark Strong and American actress Vera Farmiga, tells the story of a famous heist on a money van belonging to Romania’s central bank, which took place in 1959.>>

6.9 on the Richter scale – the newest project of writer and director Nae Caranfil, produced by Mobra Films is in pre-production.